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Tideway perform precision rock placement project on subsea pipeline.

June and July 2012 saw Tideway bring their DPFPV (Dynamic Positioning Fall Pipe Vessel) vessels to the east coast of England to lay rock on a subsea pipeline.

 The rock was shipped from Norway using bulk carriers and transferred from these vessels, using their on-board conveying system, onto the DPFPV's "Tideway Rollingstone", "Seahorse" and "Flintstone" whilst they sat on dynamic positioning in the middle of the River Tyne.

(Photo courtesy of Tideway bv)

Close co-operation with all parties was maintained by ourselves, acting as Agents on Tideways behalf, to coordinate berths for the bulk carriers and DPFPV's along with the actual transfer operation to minimise disruption for other river traffic.



Once full, the Tideway vessels sailed to their work site to lay their rock via the "Fall Pipe" system, then returned to the Tyne to pick up their next load.



For more details on these unique vessels please take a look at Tideways website at Tideway

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